FAQ for Seller.

Q: How to submit source code?
A: You need to contact us either by filling this form or email us at

Q: Is it any charges for register as developer?
A:No its free.

Q: Is there any commission on sales?
A: Not at all

Q: Can i sell app which currently not live on iTunes or Google Play?
A: Yes you can submit.

Q: How do I get my app featured on the home page?
A: You need to contact us. Currently we do not support directly upload for developers.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: Payment accepted by PayPal

Q: When buying an iPhone app from a developer will the ratings, reviews, and ranking all transfer with the app?
A: Yes

FAQ for buyer.

Q: How to purchase items.
A: Browse the item you want to purchase .
Select the license type you need and click on the Buy Now button
Go to Cart
Choose your payment method and Purchase

Q: How to receive my purchased item.
A: Once your payment is successful you will receive an order successful email after that within 30 mins you will receive product download email.

Q: What Payment method do you people Support.
A: Currently we do support only Paypal but in rare case we can accept your money via Wire transfer and Western union bank.

Q: What to do if want to refund my item.
A: you need to drop an email to our support team.